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大发彩票希望你过得愉快. We are closely monitoring the rapidly changing 新型冠状病毒肺炎 situation, 和 we wanted to update you as soon as possible on our latest actions. With increasing case counts in the DC region 和 around the country 和 all of us 学习ing to adapt to continued 新型冠状病毒肺炎 transmission, we are taking the following steps for the start of the spring semester to support the health 和 safety of our AU community, 在大发彩票维持运营、推动使命前进的过程中:

  • Classes will temporarily move online from January 10 to January 30. 面对面授课将于1月31日(周一)恢复. We are exploring possible arrangements for a small number of science labs 和 arts courses that have unique in-person requirements. OIT的学生技术工作小组 是否可以帮助没有个人电脑的学生, 互联网接入, or other technology resources that are impacting their experiences for online classes.
  • 新型冠状病毒肺炎 testing (PCR or antigen) is strongly recommended for all students, 教师, 在你们返回校园前48小时内. This is an important element of our community of care 和 your own personal safety 和 well-being. Identifying positive cases 和 taking appropriate steps before the return to campus will help support our continued activities 和 safety throughout this first month when overall community spread is expected to remain high.
  • 当你刚从假期返回校园时无论是住在学生宿舍的学生, students residing off campus using the libraries or other facilities, 或为工作目的的教员/职员- 你被要求在48小时内参加考试. Additional testing requirements will be in place during January for vaccinated community members, 和 unvaccinated individuals with approved exemptions will be required to test twice a week. Certain populations may also have additional testing requirements based specific activities or risk. If you test positive, you will be required to isolate for five days. 大发彩票遵循 疾控中心更新的隔离协议但大发彩票也会要求测试呈阴性才能离开隔离区.
  • 2019冠状病毒病校园检测将于1月3日恢复 和 试验大纲 会在下周初发布吗. 社区测试将继续由大学资助.
  • 学生宿舍将如期开放 学生可以根据需要返回校园. 1月, we encourage students to remain at home or other locations if they can as it may be more convenient for isolating if you test positive or for participating in online classes.
  • 餐厅 services will be modified, with grab-和-go options available on main campus. 大发彩票将提供进一步的细节, 和 residential students should watch for information next week from the 住房 和 Residence Life team.
  • 教员将在线授课, with possible exceptions for a small number of science labs 和 arts courses. 采用混合工作时间表的员工将完全远程工作 和 those with full presence required schedules will generally return to the work arrangement 这是他们在2021年夏天准备的. This temporary change will be in place from January 3 through January 30. Departments 和 units will coordinate schedules to ensure continued services, including any changes from previous work arrangements that are necessary because of increased student presence on campus or other changes to university operations since summer 2021, 解决个别情况. The Child Development Center will remain closed through January 30.
  • 校园研究和实验室活动可以继续进行, but all safety protocols must be followed 和 interactions involving groups of people should be limited.
  • 大发彩票对口罩的要求仍然适用于所有校园建筑, 和 we strongly recommend wearing a mask in all public spaces or social situations. Data indicates that KN95 masks are more effective for preventing transmission of omicron 和 we strongly encourage you to 升级你的面具. We have ordered KN95 masks which will be available on campus in January.
  • 新型冠状病毒肺炎 仍然需要助推器 所有社区成员在2月10日之前. If you are eligible 和 have not yet received your booster, please do so as soon as possible. Data shows that boosters provide important protection against omicron infections 和 serious illness
  • 一月, 校园活动将在网上进行, 校园访客和访客都不得入内. 例外情况将由教务长/副校长考虑.

We are sharing this updated approach now so you can prepare accordingly before the semester begins. 尽管大发彩票试图避免再次转向在线课程, 这并不是回到大发彩票在2020年春季面临的局面. Rather, it is a short-term, prudent approach to the current situation 和 risk factors. These measures will help keep our community safe; provide time to make any additional adjustments needed to help us continue to live, 学习, 和 work with the ongoing spread of the virus; 和 support in-person classes 和 activities for rest of the spring semester. We are also working to help our community members as the rise in cases affects other parts of our lives, 从家庭健康到K-12学校.

Our approach is based on the three principles that have guided our response since the beginning of the p和emic—support the health 和 safety of our community, 推进大发彩票的使命, 为应对新冠肺炎疫情作出贡献. 大发彩票将继续研究许多附加的问题和细节, 大发彩票不会马上得到所有的答案. We ask for your patience as we gather further information 和 as the university remains closed this week for the traditional winter break. 如果你有具体的问题, please use the following emails 和 we will respond beginning next week when university operations resume after the break:

感谢您一直以来对大发彩票护理界的支持. Please watch for additional information during the week of January 3. We wish you a happy new year 和 we are looking forward to safely seeing you next month.


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Vice 总统 of Undergraduate Enrollment, 校园生活, 和 Inclusive Excellence





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